How to Make Money at Home During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many companies to close their doors and send employees home. If you lost your job due to Coronavirus or just want to make extra money while you are social distancing at home, consider these ways to earn money from home.

Are you stuck at home due to the novel COVID-19 outbreak? Your local restaurants, gyms and theaters might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to live off your savings during the current quarantine. There are plenty of ways to make money from home and supplement your income during these uncertain and tremendously difficult  times. Today, TLC Loans shows you a few different methods you can use to earn money at home while practicing safe social distancing.

1. Online Tutoring

On sites like Chegg, you can tutor students in tons of school subjects like mathematics, English, history, science, etc. You can even tutor in engineering, helping future programmers master Python and Java. If teaching English as a second language is your thing, VIPKid allows you to teach ESL kids all over the world.

2. Selling Handmade Products

Are you that friend that spends hours creating the perfect handmade card for every birthday or special celebration? Your hobby could actually make you money. Set up an online shop through Etsy, and start selling your products, whether it be greeting cards, watercolor art, jewelry or embroidered scarves.

3. Sell Your Old Stuff

Chances are, you have DVDs you don’t watch anymore or an old iPhone you no longer use. Selling your old electronics doesn’t just offer you a way to make money from home — it also helps you free up space and clutter in anticipation of the coming spring season. Let’s take a look at how to make money from home by selling your old electronics. You can find a list of useful money saving and moneymaking apps/websites listed below.•Coupons/ Company Flyers — Flipp• Savings/ Money Collection — Acorns• Secondhand Sales — Letgo•Secondhand Sales — thredUP• Secondhand Sales — Poshmark

4. Food Delivery Driving

You could be the dame in shining armor to a hungry person in need of a large pepperoni pizza and warm, buttery garlic knots. If this strikes your fancy, become a food delivery driver with services like DoorDash and GrubHub.

5. Consulting

Consulting is a super diverse field. You can consult in marketing, business, law, politics—wherever your interests and skills lie, there’s probably a consulting opportunity. Help a business grow their following on social media, consult on which companies are worth investing in, teach best practices for surviving as a small business, etc.

6. Nursing From Home

Demand for doctors and health specialists are surging right now, but you don’t have to take temperatures in the hospital to make money. If you have medical credentials like an advanced nursing degree, an RN license, or an LPN, you can earn some cash online. There are several options within telemedicine like virtual clinical research associates, remote diabetic educators, and nursing evaluators. Check on Indeed for the latest local postings in your area.

7. Explore Credit Card offers

To help consumers overcome these difficulties, credit card issuers are starting to implement assistance programs for their customers. Apple Card and Goldman Sachs have taken helping their customers a step further. Last month they launched their new Customer Assistance Program that provides Apple Card users who sign up for the program with an option to skip their March payments – without incurring interest. It was later reported that cardholders can now defer their April payments as well.

8. Seek Relief From Your Bank

The FDIC encouraged financial institutions to help meet the needs of those customers and members affected by the Coronavirus. This assistance may include, for example, waiving fees on late or missed credit card or loan payments, waiving early withdrawal penalties for out-of-work savers who need access to money locked up in CDs, or offering affected borrowers the ability to defer or skip making loan payments for a finite period of time. Click here for a full list of financial institutions offering financial relief.

9. Consider a Personal Loan

Personal loans are borrowed money that can be used for large purchases, alleviate financial hardships or even just supplement an expensive occurrence. Although it may seem frivolous to take out a personal loan in a pandemic, it can be greatly beneficial when used and paid back correctly.

A personal loan can also be especially useful for consolidating your current debt. When you apply for a loan and use it for debt consolidation, you’re combining all of those outstanding balances into one monthly payment. This grouping of debt makes it easier to work out a time frame to pay off your balances without getting overwhelmed.

Whatever financial situation you’re in, be aware of Payday loans. Payday loans are often predatory and can leave you much worse off than before. Therefore, before pulling the trigger on a deal with a payday lender, consider a personal loan instead.

COVID-19 UPDATE from TLC Loans

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, more individuals than ever are going to face economic hardships, and these resources will become more important than ever. Due to the ever-changing circumstances of this crisis, actions taken by the government are changing frequently. For updates and resources to help navigate the path forward, you should keep up with the actions federal, state, and local governments have taken to combat COVID-19 in your area.

If your financial condition has been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and you are worried about your financial well-being, TLC Loans remains committed to assisting you in your time of need. If you need a personal loan, we can help! Find out more and apply for your loan here today.